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Camtasia Relay: An Upgrade and a New Name

Camtasia Relay is Getting an Upgrade and a New NameĀ 

Delayna Breckon

Software Updates

Even more software releases and updates than usual have occurred recently. Please contact us or check the Software Services web page for additional information about any of the software mentioned, including LyndaPro Online Training, Microsoft Office 2013 for work or home, Microsoft Windows XP (old) and Microsoft Lync (new), Java, Apple Mavericks, VMware, Parallels, and Adobe products...

Upgrade To Java 1.7

Java software is required to run applications such as Banner and NolijWeb. Until recently, the recommendation from Administrative Computing was to stay at the old version of Java 1.6 for compatibility with these central applications. However, there are security vulnerabilities in running a version of Java that is not the latest version. It is suspected that some machines may have been infected with malware/viruses recently due to running old versions of Java.