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Software Updates

This article features Microsoft Office 2016 upgrade information, Qualtrics Survey Research usage reports, and Adobe Creative Cloud resources and licensing details. Please contact me if you'd like any additional information: or 650.7388.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 for both Windows and Mac is now available for installation. Due to new features and improved interoperability with Office 365, it is advised that all university-owned workstations with Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac be upgraded without delay. Microsoft Office 2013 users will not notice as much difference, but there are some new features that can make the upgrade worthwhile.

Upgrades can be done individually or by work group or department. Contact us or your departmental technical support staff if you’d like upgrade information.

The new Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac, the first new version since Office for Mac 2011, offers significant new collaboration features. Microsoft Outlook is much improved and OneNote and OneDrive are now available. For both the Windows and Mac versions, integration with OneDrive makes it easier to access files from anywhere, and to share them with others. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents can be shared with others for co-authoring and threaded comments.


Office 2016 for Mac file sharing

The new “smart attachment” is a very popular new feature. In Outlook 2016, when you click the “Attach File” button, a list of your most recent documents is presented. The document to be attached is very frequently in the list. Even better, with Office 365, your most recent document list will travel to wherever you are logged in.


Office 2016 “Smart Attachments”

Office 2016 for Faculty/Staff Home Use

It is easier than ever before for faculty or staff to upgrade a personally-owned workstation to Office 2016.

  1. Go to MyWestern and click the Office 365 icon OR go to
  2. Login to Office 365 using your WWU User Principal Name, with your WWU universal password, e.g.
  3. You may be greeted with the Office 2016 Install Now button, if so, click it to begin the installation; if not, at the top right of the screen, click the Settings "gear icon", then under My app settings, click Office 365, then click Software.
  4. You will see software available for the current device. Click Install to install the software.
  5. When asked to authenticate, use your WWU User Principal Name, with your WWU universal password, e.g.,

Qualtrics Research Suite

Beginning last fall, Qualtrics Research Suite has been available to faculty, students, and staff for online survey research through funding provided by the Provost. Since October, the WWU Qualtrics summary shows 624 surveys with 38,144 auditable responses created by approximately 71 faculty, 230 students, and 108 staff. Information about the program is available at

To get started using Qualtrics, simply log in to with your WWU universal ID and password (e.g., vikingv, not W#). You can create a survey right away, but in order to activate or distribute a survey, you must complete a short orientation to receive an upgrade code which will provide permissions based on your WWU role. For example, undergraduate students are allowed 1 active survey, grad students and staff can have 2 active surveys, and faculty have no limits on the number of active surveys. Qualtrics Orientation:  

Extensive support and training resources are available at Qualtrics University which is easily accessed by clicking the “Help and Tutorials” button at the top of the Qualtrics screen. Excellent phone support can also be reached at 800.340.9194. In the case of questions that cannot be answered by Qualtrics, please contact one of the WWU “Brand Administrators” listed below.

All Campus:
   Susan Brown, ATUS
   Beth Hartsoch, Office of Survey Research
   Chris Stark, Office of Survey Research

Psychology: Ken Stap
Woodring: Greg Hoffenbacker
CBE:  Chris Powell or Ed Love

Qualtrics Survey Responses Since October 2015

Active Surveys Since October 2015

Adobe Creative Cloud

Good News! Human Resources will begin offering Adobe Creative Cloud training to faculty and staff this spring! Look for scheduled courses on the WWU Training Website

There are now just under 200 Adobe Creative Cloud “Named Users” at WWU. Named Users can install the software on two workstations for their exclusive use, one of which can be a home computer. Installation of apps and updates is easily controlled using the Creative Cloud Desktop. There are also about 70 Administrative Workstation installations. This license allows installation on one workstation for use by multiple individuals. Installation and updates can also be controlled by the Creative Cloud Desktop app by anyone with administrative rights on the workstation. Some early installations of Administrative Workstation installations did not include the Creative Cloud Desktop. We hope all of those installations have been updated, but if you have a Creative Cloud installation without the Creative Cloud Desktop, please let us know. There are also 780 academic lab installations in general university and departmental labs; a great resource for our students.

There are 126 Adobe Creative Cloud Acrobat Pro users, 44 Named Users and 82 Administrative Workstation installations. Again, the Named User license allows 2 installations for the exclusive use of the licensee.

The Creative Cloud Acrobat Pro subscription is $15 per year for either the Named User or Administrative Workstation license. The Creative Cloud Enterprise license, again either Named User or Admin Workstation, is $90 per year. Academic Lab licenses are $46 per workstation. All subscriptions are renewable each August. Information about the programs included in the Creative Cloud Enterprise bundle is available at

Each of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps has training videos online. If you are a subscriber, or wonder if the products will help with your work, check out the resources at

Adobe Apps

If you’d like more information about the Creative Cloud program, please contact me,, 650-7388.