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Camtasia Relay: An Upgrade and a New Name

Camtasia Relay is Getting an Upgrade and a New Name 

Delayna Breckon

Let me introduce you to TechSmith Relay 5 (formerly known as TechSmith Camtasia Relay), the lecture capture tool that allows faculty to record and stream in-class and online lectures. The new upgrade will continue to give faculty the ability to easily capture and edit their lectures while at the same time allow for some fun, new enhancements. These include the ability to upload existing video or image files, record in high definition and add captioning to increase accessibility. Relay 5 also supports the latest Mac operating system, El Capitan.

A quick visit to the Relay 5 login page is all it takes to begin recording in high definition.

To Download the Relay 5 Recorder: 

1.        Go to  

2.        Login using your WWU cloud credentials. This is your userID followed by (e.g.,

3.        Your password will remain the same

4.        Go to Client Downloads to find the version appropriate for your operating system (Mac or Win) 

5.        After downloading the zip or exe file, run it with the install wizard 

Classroom Recorders: All classroom recorders will be upgraded to Relay 5 over Spring Break and the Camtasia Relay interface will retire at the end of Spring 2016. All previously recorded videos will continue to be available. 

All faculty accounts are now automatically created when you download the new recorder. At this time, student accounts still need to be requested via the e-sign form.

Please send any questions or comments to