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Microsoft Windows or Office 2016 Upgrades for Selected Classrooms, Computer Labs, & Student Laptops

General university classrooms in Bond Hall will be upgraded to the Windows 8.1 operating system over the coming break. Resources for transition to the new operating system will be available. 

ATUS released Windows 10 and Office 2016 in certain general use computing environments recently. Selected student checkout laptops in the Student Technology Center and the Help Desk in Academic West, along with non-teaching computer labs in Old Main and Miller Hall, are part of the initial phase of our evaluation. We will test in these limited production environments and, based upon this testing and user feedback, we will fine tune our configuration to arrive at the best balance of functionality, convenience, security, and privacy.

Along with other key IT staff on campus, ATUS tested Windows 10 both in its pre-release and release versions for a number of months and found it to be a very stable operating system with significant advantages over Windows 7. Among the Windows 10 advantages are increased performance, including faster boot-up times and quicker navigation. It also has improved power management, better search capabilities, and more.

Depending upon the outcome of this trial, we will determine when to upgrade the remainder of general university labs, classrooms, and student checkout laptops to Windows 10 and Office 2016. We are tentatively targeting this upgrade for Summer 2016 but will provide additional information after analysis has been done and conclusions have been drawn.