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Introducing 3D Printing to the STC

The Student Technology Center (STC) is excited to be introducing 3D printing this winter. Through a grant from the Student Technology Fee, we've purchased three printers and two scanners. The printers use a form of additive manufacturing to write fine layers of plastic. The STC will be using PLA plastic which produces non-toxic fumes and is biodegradable. The 3D scanners attach to an iPad providing a handheld, mobile tool for scanning objects both large and small.

To support these 3D technologies, the STC will be offering a series of workshops preparing students to design and prepare 3D models for printing. Students attending one of our workshops will be given the opportunity to make one free print. Faculty interested in having their students utilize the 3D printing services of the Tech Center are encouraged to contact us. We can customize our workshops or provide special assistance in order to meet the unique needs of your course.

Please look for 3D modeling workshops listed under the Student Technology Center at Because the Tech Center is funded through the Student Tech Fee, our services, such as 3D printing, are available only to students.

Image of 3D printed bustStudents use iPads to create 3D images3D printed Viking Robot